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My Desktop

I use this computer for much everthing I do, I used it to create this website with Dreamweaver CS3 (plus Photoshop CS3), I also defiantly do gaming on here, I have updated it not too long ago with the Nvidia 8800GTX (one fraking long awesome card), and an AMD X2 4800+ (though it bottlenecks the card, but nothing to make it slower then my old X850XT PE card), I will be upgrading it once again to an Quad Core system around 2008 sometime, and in the distant future to an SLi setup has well, but that won't be until I get an 30'' screen (or 2 :D).

The Spec's on this thing are,
AMD X2 4800+ 939
Abit Fatal1ty AN8 Mobo
Corsair 2GB Ram
2x Samsung 250GB Harddrives
1x Seagate 320GB Harddrive
1x400GB Harddrive (1.2Terabyte Total)
Thermaltake Toughpower 750watt

I am currently in the process on saving up for a Chimei 222H 22" LCD Monitor, and a Silverstone TJ07 Case.

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