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Welcome to my Bio page.

my photoMy name is Justin Webster, I am an Aussie guy who likes all things computers and video games, I like to learn how to model things in 3d has I want to get into the video games industry has a modeler some time in my life. I also like to draw though my skills have drop from the lack of it, I defiantly need to get back into that someday for sure.

Well its pretty obvious I love video games, but I also like to collect the consoles that come out every 5yrs or so, including all of the dev kits, special releases etc etc, games including, I have a small collection already which will continue to grow over time (I'll make a page for those soon).

I also like to ride my mountain bike has exercising is important, especially if you sit at your computer everyday and eat and drink like an horse lol.

I defiantly love music ranging from The Backstreet Boys to Eminem, Linkin Park, The Veronicas, Timberland etc etc.

I would love to travel overseas someday, though before I do that I would travel across Australia first, I have only been to Melbourne which is way different to my local town Bendigo (Hour away from Melbourne).

I loves pets, I have 3 dogs, Rocky, Tiny and Midget, Rocky being the oldest, I have had him since he was a pup, I also have cats, rabbits, and one lonely chicken, it almost a farm here lol.

I like car racing with V8 Supercars being the best motor sport in Australia, always love to see Ford vs Holden, and also the crashes and arguments :D.

Well that's about it, I'll edit this sometime in the future if anything good in my life happens.

Thanks for reading.